Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giving Keeps Giving

Although my personal fundraiser has come and gone, my overall fundraising efforts continue. I am receiving donations from Silver Sisters all over the country...it is beginning to trickle in and with each envelope, it means more possiblities for those who have celiac and those who don't yet know they do. I have people randomly calling me now to make contributions. So if you were one of the ones who couldn't make my personal event or a local Sisters Support Celiac Disease party or event OR your fundraising initiative didn't come to fruituion, you can still be part of this $20,000 goal.

I have decided based on all the feedback I have gotten, comments, calls, emails etc that I will make this a yearly event. My wish is that my Silpada Sisters will be part of it year after year!

Those who are participating in one way or another are making differences in peoples lives every day they talk about Celiac Disease.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It Keeps Giving

Although my personal fundraiser which is part of the nationwide Sisters Support Celiac Disease happened last week, my sisters across the country continue to fundraise and spread the word about celiac disease. I am receiving checks, comments and great feedback from everyone who has taken part of this endeavor of mine to give back.

I have new Silpada sisters who are joining my train and will be doing fundraisers in the upcoming weeks. This is uplifting to me...it should be to you, too. Since, you probably know someone who has celiac disease.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Thank YOU for your support, for your friendship and for all that you did to help make my personal fundraiser last night for Sisters Support Celiac Disease a success so far!!! I am just one of the 40+ woman across the country who are participating in the fundraiser for support and research for those who suffer with Celiac Disease. I met women living in my same town who I never met before but who has something in common with me and my daughter. I chatted with women who I knew, who have friends afflicted with CD and I could offer them information and support and give them info on the Celiac in the Boston Vicinity: The Healthy Villi group. And then there were friends who I knew who think they may have celiac disease and I was able to provide them with valuable information.

The food, delicious and amazing was graciously provided by The Center Cafe. Yummy cake, cookies, specialty popcorn all provided by A New Leaf. And thanks to Partyworks Needham, we had a place to put all the food and snacks not to mention the balloons!!!

Ok, and then there was the amazing networking that happened when all these women got together. Need I say more? THANK YOU and I look forward to updating you all on the success of my project and some amazing pictures, courtesy of Nicole Connolly. With Landmark Education 's guidance and support, I created the possibility of a project that is/was bigger than big!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday is Needham's B.I.G. Pod meeting!

Monday is Needham's B.I.G. Pod meeting!

I've added my B.I.G. Newsletter here because it has a link to the press release about Sisters Support Celiac Disease!!!

We are over 43 Silpada sisters around the country all participating in this nationwide fundraiser for Celiac Disease.

Want to participate? Get involved...you'll be happy you did.